Sunday – 5 Simple Things to Do to Get Ready for the Week

Portrait of concetrated businesswoman working at office

Getting ready for the week on Sunday.

Sometimes, it feels like this is another day in my work week.  One that may not be as active with in-bound emails as the other days.  However, one that sometimes becomes bogged down with writing, developing, responding, emailing, etc. etc. etc.

It’s easy for me to get “down in the weeds” with the same things, trying to get ready for the phone calls, the questions, the meetings, the webinars that make up my week.

Today, I was reading an article from Inc. magazine titled “5 Simple Things You Should Do Every Sunday Night to Prepare for the Week Ahead“.  (  In it, I read some tips I hadn’t seen before, and thought I would share them with you.

  • If your To Do List has items that keep showing up week after week, either get rid of them or move them to the top of the list and get them done.
  • “Sundays should be input days, not output days.”  Read the article to find out what the definition of that concept is – but feed your creativity on Sundays.  More input leads to better output.
  • Sit quietly for a period of time to prepare for the week.
  • Pack your lunch the night before:  anything you can do ahead of time will make your week better.

Each of us should be continually learning – how to be better at our jobs, within our families, as a friend and to be a better person.

Hope you have a great week!