7 Best Business Books of All Time . . . What do you think?

My first boss always encouraged us to continually keep reading business books.  “Even if you don’t agree with the premise, you’ll learn something.”

Through the years, I’ve found that to be true.  The difficulty has been to figure out WHICH book to read?  Bookstores and on-line booksellers have so many opportunities to learn through books.  If I indulged myself, I’d never get anything business-related done.

So many great business books to choose from . . .

So many great business books to choose from . . .

So I have relied on my fellow readers — other entrepreneurs, friends in management positions, people I know from the community — to make recommendations.

And I ran across this list today.  The Alternative Board is an organization for entrepreneurs who join together with other entrepreneurs to give each other advice.  On their site is an article about the “7 Best Business Books.”  I found that I had read 4 of them, and 2 of them I got introduced to from this article.  Guess I have more on my “next up” reading list!

Here’s the link to this article:   7 Best Business Books of All Time

How many of these have you read?  Which of YOUR favorites would you add to this list?  What’s your current favorite?

Every day you learn something new is a great day!