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Zoracle provides a science-based assessment tool, SpotOn!, to solve recruitment, selection, trainingand support challenges specifically for franchise organizations. The results help determine what type of franchise culture in which a candidate will be most successful.

The scientifically-based assessment integrates five statistically validate sciences. It offers:

  • Faster ramp-upBetter quality franchisee and faster start-up to economic goals
  • Better validation
    Greater franchisee satisfaction and success and less litigation
  • Reduced cost to support
    Reduced cost to recruit, train and maintain prosperous franchisees
  • Greater retention
    Stronger franchisee compliance and longer term commitment
  • Increased performance
    Increased franchisee results and profitability

SpotOn! is NOT a personality test

Personality tests are poor indicators of performance. Personality tests are designed to measure traits of an individual that remain constant through a lifetime. People evolve and change; thus personality tests, by their very nature, are limited both in scope and application.

Smart. Scientific. SpotOn!

Zoracle’s meta-analysis methodology provides insights no singular profile, survey, algorithm or assessment can, and has changed the way in which franchisors select franchisees. Zoracle integrates five statistically validate sciences. This combined with using both topological and dimensional scoring has our tools achieve greater accuracy in predicting business success then companies using single science or single scoring methods.

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By matching the right people with organizations that match their competencies, work ethics, culture preference, business and sales orientation, values and work style.

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