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Have you ever thought about how you can get into the lucrative medical industry without having any previous medical experience? Most of our owners felt the same way until they realized how easy it really was.

Welcome to ARCpoint Labs, the fastest growing medical testing franchise in the U.S. according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

  • ARCpoint Labs is a full-fledged testing lab offering a diverse portfolio of testing services to both the business and consumer markets.
  • We have found our franchise opportunity is best suited for middle to upper management individuals who have had 10 or more years of professional, business-to–business sales, consulting or business ownership experience.
  • During the first 6 months of operation, owners start as a home-based business selling/marketing ARCpoint MD, our tele-health service. Here, medical care is offered 24/7 by over 1,300 doctors via Skype, video or telephone call consultation. A medical diagnosis is provided without being fact to face with the physician. ARCpoint MD is a supplemental health care program that is proven to reduce business’s annual health insurance expense.
  • Six months later when the 1,500 sq./ft. lab opens, owners can pursue any one of the following revenue opportunities. 1) Workplace testing including drug, alcohol, background screens and D.O.T. consultation; 2) Direct-to-Consumer Testing including paternity, infidelity, STD, personal genetics or other DNA testing; 3) Business-to-Physician offering multi-testing services to physicians and the medical community; and 4) Business-to-Judicial testing for the court systems including drug court, pre-trail intervention, social services, immigration, and child custody cases. Some of these services can also can be conducted on-site with a mobile testing service.
  • Once an area is mastered, over time owners eventually move onto the other 3 revenue opportunities until they become the “local testing expert” in their market.
  • This is an executive model business where the owner will need to develop a small team of employees including 1099 sales reps to sell the services above.

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Average Investment: $210000 - $249000

Minimum Investment: $156650 - $252325

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Min. Liquidity: 75000

Years in Business: 1998

Open Units: 102

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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